Record of Processing activities
Accuracy & Time saving

Record of Processing activities

Map your processings activities in a flash! Multiple features help you when completing processings. For example, you can find customizable checklists, so you don't miss informations.

  • Completion assistance
  • Checklists
  • Export of records files
Efficiency & speed

Data breaches record

Dealing with a data breach is not very pleasant. This is why our tool accompanies you until the Supervisory authority notification, within 72 hours.

  • Data breaches tracking
  • Assistance for the Supervisory Authority Notification
Data breaches record
Data subject requests record
Transparency & exemplarity

Data subject requests record

Data subject requests must be managed within 1 month. It is necessary to keep an up-to-date record in order to respect the different response stages.

  • Requests monitoring
  • proofs of answers
Responsability & Transfers

Subcontractors record

In order to comply with the GDPR, it is necessary to work with subcontractors who respect it. Manage the proofs of conformity as well as the audits of your subcontractors in this record.

  • Company ID Card
  • DPO contact details
  • Audits attachment
Subcontractors record

Easily manage your GDPR compliance